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Why easyGO?

Quality and affordability never looked so good. Truly experience the effortlessness of easyGO. Make International calls to 60+ countries with our PayGO plan. Our easyGO Unlimited plan includes Unlimited international calls to 11 countries.

Int’l Calling

Connect to any country in the world. Talk, text or send an MMS to the people you love for as little as 5¢ per minute on our PayGO plans* or, send as many as you’d like on our Unlimited plan.


See your savings pile high when you switch to any easyGO plan. When PayGO plans start at $4.99, why would you choose to use any other service provider?

Zero Commitment

No contracts to keep you tied down. It’s your world, connect to others how you see fit. No disconnection fee or phone transfer fee.

It’s a fee-free world with easyGO!


Unlimited plan to keep you connected and PayGO plans for your short-term commitments. All with ease and within budget!

International Features

easyGO Unlimited and PayGO plans offer amazing International features plus talk, text, mms, and data. They are plans that fit your needs at a price that fits your budget.

·        Andorra ·        French Antilles* ·        Panama
·        Argentina ·        French Guiana ·        Peru
·        Australia ·        Germany ·        Poland
·        Austria ·        Greece ·        Portugal**
·        Belgium* ·        Guadeloupe* ·        Puerto Rico
·        Bermuda ·        Hong Kong** ·        Reunion Island
·        Brazil* ·        Hungary ·        Romania
·        Bulgaria ·        Iceland ·        Russia
·        Canada** ·        India* ·        San Marino
·        Canada Mobile** ·        Indonesia* ·        Singapore**
·        Chile* ·        Ireland ·        Singapore Mobile**
·        China** ·        Israel** ·        Slovakia
·        China Mobile** ·        Italy* ·        Slovenia
·        Colombia ·        Japan ·        South Africa
·        Colombia ·        Latvia ·        South Korea*
·        Costa Rica ·        Lithuania* ·        Spain*
·        Croatia ·        Luxembourg ·        Sweden*
·        Cyprus ·        Malaysia* ·        Switzerland
·        Czech Republic* ·        Malta ·        Taiwan
·        Denmark* ·        Mexico** ·        Thailand**
·        Dominican Republic ·        Mexico Mobile** ·        Thailand Mobile**
·        Estonia* ·        Morocco ·        United Kingdom*
·        France** ·        Netherlands ·        Uzbekistan
·        New Zealand ·        Venezuela**
·        Norway


  • (Landlines only; some select countries also include calls to cell phones)
    Unlimited International Talk: Unlimited landline calls to 60+ countries. Each monthly plan account can dial up to 10 unique international telephone numbers each month which resets upon the 1st of each month, regardless of plan expiration. Calls to countries other than the U.S. will be terminated at 60 minutes, but you may re-initiate the call thereafter. Does not apply to calls to off network/ special locations.
  • *Select countries also include unlimited calls to cell phones.
  • ** The following countries apply to the easyGO $20 Unlimited Plan. Unlimited International calling & texting is included for the 11 countries.

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